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Why Amazon?

As of lately the question has been on my mind as to why people choose Amazon over small business websites. If both sites are carrying the same item what makes Amazon the better choice?

  • Pricing? Are these items being sold at the same price? Most of the time I see smaller business sites are pricing lower than Amazon to try to compete for customers. ( we do the same on our site)
  • Shipping? For prime members on Amazon I understand the free 2day shipping. It is a great option. But is that why people would want to buy a product from Amazon rather than the same item that is priced less on a different website?
  • Customer Service? Is it easy to get helpful answers from Amazon? What makes their service better than other sites? Most small business websites have multiple ways for a customer to get in contact with them.

As these thought run through my head I also wonder what other small business websites think as well as customers out there. Is Amazon just the BEST? Can small websites compete with Amazon? We have started to sell some of our items on amazon as well and we see that selling on Amazon has brought us new customers who may not have seen us if we weren’t on Amazon. Then at the same time we sometimes see traffic/ customer chats on our website asking for information/ searching around then only for these customers not to buy from us but to go back and purchase on Amazon.

It does not help that similar products are being offered on amazon at an insanely lower price. These come from vendors overseas who are selling these items at such a low cost it is hard to compete. We try to lower our prices as much as we can to the point that we are taking a loss and losing money to these sellers. We offer a great quality product and we see that price is always a main factor. Does the customer not care about quality anymore?

We just want a better understanding to why customers choose Amazon over us. How can we get the amazon shoppers to shop our website as well?

To my other business owners who are reading this I would love to know if these thoughts have ever crossed your mind. Are we the only ones thinking this?  What can we take away from this, and how can we better improve our sites.  At the end of the day we want our customers to be happy with our product and services we provide them with in hopes they will become loyal customers. We want to be given chance. We have a great team ready for when a customer has any questions. Our customer live chat is always available during our working hours. You can always email us or call too! We want to show our customers that they can get a more personal experience with us.  We take pride in our products and want to share that with our customers.



~ Briana


Santa is on his way!

This Sunday marks the beginning of Winter! We wanted to highlight some products that will add that special touch to your holiday tables and make great gifts this season!
  • What better way to beat the cold than to cozy up with one of our Threadless fleece throws or duvet covers! They not only make a great last minute gift, but they are an awesome addition to any college dorm room or apartment. They are offered in a variety of prints, and we sell matching decorative pillows and body pillow cases!

threadless duvet cover professional coverthrow blankets cover

  • We have added some beautiful wool to the shop to be sold by the yard. We have an assortment of styles, colors and feels available! It’s great for scarves and other cold-weather accessories!
  • Fat Quarter Bundles are perfect for the crafter or quilter of the bunch and they fit perfectly in stockings too! We have some cool, new bundles from Camelot Fabrics in stock now and ready to ship!
  • Not sure what to do for your table settings? Want to WOW your guests but stay within budget? It’s a piece of cake! Try the Christmas tree napkin fold. You only need 3 things—a green napkin, a pin or paperclip, and yellow paper. Check out our little tree below!
my christmas tree fold
**Forest Milliken signature napkin**
fancy christmas tree fold
Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 12/24 delivery:
  • FedEx Home Delivery + Ground – Today, Wed 12/17
  • USPS Priority Mail – Fri 12/19
  • FedEx 2 Day – Mon 12/22
  • FedEx Overnight – Tues 12/23
**Due to overwhelming demand and holiday orders, Red Milliken signature napkins are out of stock, but will be replenished before the holiday!**
As always, FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100!!! No code needed!
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