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Prepping for an Egg-cellent Easter

Easter decoration

Today’s post is all about our picks and tips for an Eggcellent Easter celebration! (Yes, you read that correctly. I said EGG instead of EX.) With just a few days between you and the spring time holiday, the heat is on. How many guests are coming? Do I have enough desserts? Did the kids dye their eggs yet? Will I need more grass to fill the baskets? How are we on prizes for the egg hunt? The checklist goes on and on.

My favorite part about Easter was always the fun projects with my brother and parents. We both loved to dye a dozen eggs and eat bags upon bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Thank goodness my mom was forgiving because after about 20 minutes of “expressing” ourselves through our egg art, the kitchen table was usually a few more colors than she had remembered it to be. Kids will be kids after all.

#1. No-mess Easter eggs. (You will thank me later.) The no-dye trend is the norm this year. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and saying goodbye to those store bought egg dye kits. You’d be surprised to see how many different ways to decorate and color an egg without messy dyes. Below are some of my favorites. Check out the awesome article from Better Homes & Gardens featuring 24 ideas here.

 temporary tat eggs  button eggs  fabric eggs

Temporary Tattoo Eggs, Button Eggs, & Fabric-covered eggs

#2. Ditch the basket. Get the kids egg hunt ready with this adorable DIY tote bag by Martha Stewart. Instead of using your traditional baskets, let the kids gather their eggs and take home their goodies in a fun tote bag this year.  With just a few necessary items, this project could not be easier. Try personalizing the bags with each child’s name for an added touch!

egg hunt tote

#3. Keep it simple & keep it subtle. Spring is the season of beautiful pastel colors. Summer is known for the bright bold shades, but spring is on the quieter side. Dress your holiday table with light colors for a refreshing clean look. My favorite colors for my Easter table are lavender, sky blue, and pale yellow. What about you?!

milliken napkins

Milliken Signature Plus Napkins in some of my favorite colors!

#4. A touch of tulips. I love to have fresh flowers on my holiday table. Although the typical Easter flower is the Lily, I think a beautiful bouquet of tulips looks great. Mix a few colors and turn them into a centerpiece!

easter tulips

#5. Let there be peeps. No explanation needed here, folks. It just wouldn’t be much fun without ’em.

peepsWith Warmest Wishes Always,


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