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Give the gift of table linens!

The holiday season is my favorite! Baking cookies, shopping for gifts for my loved ones and spending time with friends and family.. what can be better than that! If you are like me and would rather buy all your gifts online.. I have some important shipping dates for you.


Ground – Friday 12/15/17
Express Saver – Tuesday 12/19/17
2day – Wednesday 12/20/17
Overnight- Friday 12/22/17

First Class Mail – Tuesday 12/19/17
Priority Mail – Wednesday 12/20/17


Now that the important stuff is out of the way I have some gift ideas for you! Check out the cool gifts I have posted about below.  If you are running out of ideas, I hope this can be helpful for you. There is always a few people I have a hard time shopping for and when I came up with these ideas I found that some of these items would be great gifts for those people.



We offer a variety of different prints that you can choose from. Printed napkins bring a lot more fun to the table.This is a great gift for a host of a holiday gathering this season.



A gift for the friend that just moved into a new place. Believe it or not but many people don’t think about table linens when they decorate for the holidays. When you entertain the table is always the place getting the most attention. Our table linens are also machine washable so you know your gift will make it though many holidays to come.


Table Runner

Perfect last minute gifts. (If you are in need of any.) Runners are perfect for any table. The best part is they can be used in other places too! They look great on a mantle of a fireplace. We have many different prints to match any theme!


We hope everyone enjoys the holiday season!

From your friends at Fabric Textile Products, Inc.

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Nothing says summer like 4th of July.. and nothing says fourth of July like a barbecue. 4th of July parties are my favorite. I love the decorations, and especially the food! There are plenty of ways to add red white and blue to your bbq. If you don’t have a lot of time picking one or two of the following ideas will give your party the perfect Americana feel.

Red white and Blue Mason Jars:

mason jar
Photo Courtesy of Crafty Morning

What you will need:

  • 3 Mason Jars
  • Red, White and Blue Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Star Stencil
  • Rope
  • Red, white and blue plastic silverware

These red white and blue mason jars are just the cutest. You can use them as decor inside your home or use them for your bbq by storing your plastic utensils. You can reuse them too! Store them away until next year. I love a good project that lets me use what I made over and over.

Decorating your food table is super fun! Hots dogs and burgers are the staple of any summer bbq. Set up a table just for them and all the fixin’s ! It is bound to be a hit. The below image is a perfect example. Set your table up with room for your tray of hot dogs and hamburgers. Line up all your fixin’s around them. Don’t forget to label them. If you have room this is the perfect spot to put your mason jar silverware holders. If not place them and your plates on a different table near by.

Photo Courtesy of blovelyevents

You can add a gingham check table cloth or go more patriotic with one of our very own patriotic tablecloths! Check them out at Fabric Textile Products



I hope everyone enjoys the Fourth of July with their family and friends!



All About Pineapples!

The warm weather is here to stay! When the seasons change, so does the trends. This summer is going to be all about pineapples. Yes you heard me, Pineapples! You will see it from clothing to home decor.

Get ready to take your style on a tropical vacation this summer! I am excited to share all the fun ways to incorporate pineapples into your style. Yes it is easy to go to the store and buy, but let me tell you.. you will love it even more if you make it!

The Pineapple Ring Dish– Step by step instruction click here.

pineapple dish
Photo Courtesy of

This is a super cute idea!! What is great about this is, yes it is technically named a ring dish.. but you can use if for anything really! You can design it any way you want to.

Pineapple Wall Art – Step by step instructions click here

pineapple wall art
Photo Courtesy of

Wall art is easy to take down and move around. Supplies you will need for this one are, white paper, a page from a book, pencil, exacto knife and a variety of washi tapes (best part you can pick the colors/ designs you want)

Stamped pineapple fabric– Step by step instructions click here.


This is another versatile project. You can really use this method on the fabric of choice. I would love to make some napkins out of these! Items needed – discharge paste, freezer paper, fabric of choice.

I hope you liked these projects I shared with you all today. I can’t wait to try one of them in my free time. If you aren’t in the mood for projects here are some other ways you can incorporate this trend into your life.

Pineapple decorative piece.


Photo Courtesy of Joss & Main


Pineapple art.

pineapple art
Photo Courtesy of ItBeganInParis

Outdoor Area Rug

pineapple rug
Photo Courtesy of

How will you be adding pineapple to your life? Other than just eating it, I will be trying one of the projects I mentioned.



An Outdoor Mother’s Day Brunch

Hosting a brunch for Mother’s Day? I have got some ideas for you! If the weather is going to be nice, plan to have your bunch outdoors. I have some great inspiration photos to help you set the perfect outdoor table. You don’t have to use throw away items just because you are outdoors. A simple tale runner or table cloth can be a great add to your outdoor dining table.

hgtv summer table
Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Stripes are in right now and those colors are a perfect match for a Mother’s Day celebration. This table setting is very simple. Look at those centerpieces!

hgtv print table 2
Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Prints and colors set a BOLD table. These bright colors are perfect for an outdoor brunch.

Photo Courtesy of Design Dinning and Diapers

Simple is the perfect way to go. The runner is the vocal point on this table. I love the way they tied off the ends. A few candle jars make for a pretty centerpiece option.



~ Briana

Why Amazon?

As of lately the question has been on my mind as to why people choose Amazon over small business websites. If both sites are carrying the same item what makes Amazon the better choice?

  • Pricing? Are these items being sold at the same price? Most of the time I see smaller business sites are pricing lower than Amazon to try to compete for customers. ( we do the same on our site)
  • Shipping? For prime members on Amazon I understand the free 2day shipping. It is a great option. But is that why people would want to buy a product from Amazon rather than the same item that is priced less on a different website?
  • Customer Service? Is it easy to get helpful answers from Amazon? What makes their service better than other sites? Most small business websites have multiple ways for a customer to get in contact with them.

As these thought run through my head I also wonder what other small business websites think as well as customers out there. Is Amazon just the BEST? Can small websites compete with Amazon? We have started to sell some of our items on amazon as well and we see that selling on Amazon has brought us new customers who may not have seen us if we weren’t on Amazon. Then at the same time we sometimes see traffic/ customer chats on our website asking for information/ searching around then only for these customers not to buy from us but to go back and purchase on Amazon.

It does not help that similar products are being offered on amazon at an insanely lower price. These come from vendors overseas who are selling these items at such a low cost it is hard to compete. We try to lower our prices as much as we can to the point that we are taking a loss and losing money to these sellers. We offer a great quality product and we see that price is always a main factor. Does the customer not care about quality anymore?

We just want a better understanding to why customers choose Amazon over us. How can we get the amazon shoppers to shop our website as well?

To my other business owners who are reading this I would love to know if these thoughts have ever crossed your mind. Are we the only ones thinking this?  What can we take away from this, and how can we better improve our sites.  At the end of the day we want our customers to be happy with our product and services we provide them with in hopes they will become loyal customers. We want to be given chance. We have a great team ready for when a customer has any questions. Our customer live chat is always available during our working hours. You can always email us or call too! We want to show our customers that they can get a more personal experience with us.  We take pride in our products and want to share that with our customers.



~ Briana

New Year’s Transformation

It’s that time again. Everyone’s social media feeds are full of “New year, new me” status updates. Ambitions are high to start the New Year on a great note. I too enjoy setting goals to help myself grow as an individual.

I don’t want to just write about all the new goals you can set for yourself in the New Year. Quite frankly, there are too many to list! Every person is different and wants to better them self in a different way. For the past few months I have been really into reading all the amazing home decor blogs out there. Every one of the blogs that I have come across are inspiring and have made me think about my home in a different way than before. (I know you are wondering why I am blabbing on about myself… don’t worry there is a moral to this story!) Reading blog after blog on home decor, I have developed an interest in it. What better way to start the New Year?! I am challenging myself to re-do a room in my apartment. This is going to be a fun project!

Since football season is just about over, I am going to need a new hobby to take over my Sundays. This is something I have never really done before since this is really my first apartment, I have mostly passed-down items from my older sister, family and friends. I really want to take the time to make my place “my home” and add make some changes that will scream “Briana!” I have chosen the kitchen as the room to start. Here are some inspiration pictures I have:

Photo courtesy of HGTV


Photo courtesy of HGTV

I am a big fan of HGTV! The two images are very different from each other, but I do really like them both. I am not looking to copy them, but instead have them act as inspiration. I am looking to create something totally different that allows my friends and family to see my personality come alive in this room. I have a decent sized eat in kitchen. We spend hours around the table, sharing lots of laughs and wine! Since this is the most popular room in the house I want to make it warm, inviting, and comfy.

I probably will not be painting since I am a renter, but I believe I can still transform the place. Since this is something I haven’t done before I am super excited. There is a lesson to be learned. Not all new year’s goals have to be about saving or making more money, losing weight to be the better version of you. I challenge you too, to do something you have never done before. At the end of this project I know I am going to be proud of the outcome and to know I can do something I thought I couldn’t do before.

I know things like this will not happen overnight. With that being said I plan to post an update piece and a finished room piece. I will be sure to post all items used in the transformation! I hope this piece inspires you to think outside the box and try your hand at something new. You never know it might be something you love!


Stay Tuned!

Big things are coming in 2017!