We’re getting our Shamrock Shake on!

shamrock shake

Yes, I said it. We are getting our shamrock shake on. It just rolls off the tongue.

Happy March everyone! One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner. What holiday you may ask? St. Patrick’s Day that is! You may also be wondering why I enjoy it so much. Am I Irish? Italian. Do I like the color green? Not a fan. Do I enjoy eating meet & potatoes served with a perfectly chilled beer? Absolutely! Who doesn’t?! I can go on and on about why I love the day so much, but I don’t want to bore you all to death talking about myself. Whether you choose to celebrate St. Patty’s Day or not is all your own. Here at Fabric Textile Products, Inc. we are firm believers in the idea that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and we are here to help with your holiday party planning! We are also HUGE fans of the delicious minty-fresh treat that McDonald’s rolls out for just a brief time every year… the legendary Shamrock Shake. Get your green sweaters and bagpipes ready! We’re having a party!

It’s all about the green. Green clothing. Green decorations. Green drinks. Green rivers (If you live in the windy city, that is). Green everything. Instead of going overboard on the festive color this year, why not try a fun pop of color on your dinner table? Instead of bringing out Grandma’s favorite green tablecloth, napkins, and plates this year, try something a bit more subtle. I like the idea of a bold napkin on a traditional white plate. The good people at Better Homes and Gardens featured a how-to video on the four leaf clover napkin fold in 2010. I thought this was perfect!

clover napkin

How adorable is the clover fold?! I absolutely love it. Click on the photo above to watch the full DIY tutorial video. I would show you myself, but I would probably embarrass myself. You could try this napkin with any one of our beautiful Milliken Signature Dinner Napkins. I suggest Fern or Clover, but you could also use Hunter or Forest too.

If origami or folding intimidates you, a simple alternative works just as well. Try one of these other options for a fun touch of green!


green hemstitch

Hemstitch Dinner Napkins in Fern, Artichoke, & Peapod

DSCN1554Milliken Bistro Stripe Napkins in Sage & Kelly Green

If you are feeling crafty and would like to make your own, we have a great selection of cotton prints by Quilting Treasures in stock as well!  All items mentioned can be purchased directly from our shop. Hopefully you have gotten some ideas for your holiday table and are feeling lucky!

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I know I will!



Fabric Textile Products, Inc.

Photograph disclaimer: Please note photos credited to Fabric Textile Products, Inc. belong to myself and our company. All others images belong to the owners/businesses that have been credited and/or directly linked. I do not own those images. They belong to their rightful owners. Thank you.


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